Liz Funk is a freelance writer, college student, and progressive activist.  She has written for Newsday, Women’s eNews, the Huffington Post, the New Humanist (UK), the Times Union, Savvy Miss, Beauty Addict, next STEP, and Teen Voices, among many othersShe has written for countless college newspapers including The Cornell Daily Sun, the Wellesley News, and The Boston University Student Underground. She also dabbles in poetry and literary fiction; her creative work has been featured in numerous publications around the globe including The Georgetown Review, the Rockland Review, and Offerta Speciale (Italy).  From when she was sixteen to seventeen, she served as the Altamont Enterprise’s youngest columnist ever, writing on teen issues that generated a major publicity and a circulation boost for the newspaper.  From there, she moved on to Albany, New York’s largest newspaper, the Times Union, where she writes a highly-visited blog on young feminism and young progressivism, media issues, and issues pertaining to Generation Y.

She has taken writing classes and attended writing workshops at Columbia University, Syracuse University, Middlebury College, Russell Sage College, and Long Island University, among many others.

Through her work as a journalist, she has had the opportunity to interview several renowned writers and activists including Pamela Paul, Jennifer Baumgardner, Amy Richards, Courtney Martin, and Michael Kimmel.  She has also had interviews with body language experts Jan Hargrave and Patty Miller, and celebrity beauty gurus Stacy Cox, Taylor Babian, and Jessica Liebeskind.  She worked with prolific freelance writer Stephanie Booth for an August 2005 story for Teen People on eating disorders, in which Booth ghost-wrote Funk’s history with anorexia and exercise bulimia

Liz is working on several publishing projects pertaining to feminism and progressivism, including a 101 book on feminism for middle school and high school-aged girls, a guide for teen girls on sexuality, a guide for teen girls for surviving adolescence, a guide for Gen Y-ers on activism, and a 101 for younger women on eating disorders.  She is also researching and writing a novel about the affect of deadbeat fathers on their daughters’ relationships with men.

A sophomore at Pace University Honors College in New York City, she is studying English and gender/sexuality studies.  She aspires to receive her graduate degree in journalism from Columbia University, and eventually work full-time as a freelance writer or on-staff at a major magazine or newspaper.  She is also toying with the idea of going into academia and becoming a college professor.

An activist and eternal optimist, she is a member of the National Organization for Women Young Feminist Task Force, a 2006 fellow of Young People for the American Way, and a 2006 inductee to “the REAL Hot 100.”  She was honored with Eliot Spitzer’s “Triple C” award for her activism in 2005 and was spotlighted as Teen Voice’s “Activist of the Month” in October 2006. She has spoken at several rallies, conferences, and colleges around the country, on issues pertaining to feminism, progressivism, and young people.  She has been featured in magazine articles and newspapers around the country for her activism, as well.

Originally from the Albany, New York area, she now lives in Manhattan.  While she lives in New York and loves New York, she can’t decide if she considers herself a New Yorker, or if she will stay in New York once she is finished with her education (she doesn’t like the traffic, but she loves Greenwich Village and the possibility of running into Katie Couric at any given moment).  She enjoys salsa dancing, taking care of her pets, and irritating her beloved friends and family with her terrible singing.


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