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The Ghosts of Seneca Falls

conceptualized, produced and edited by Casondra Sobieralski. visual design by Marin Camille Hood.
created for the Women's Rights National Historic Park, Seneca Falls, NY. copyright 2008.


The Ghosts of Seneca Falls is a 3-projector site specific video installation that animates the remains of the Wesleyan Chapel with the memory of the radical women and men who launched American First Wave Feminism in 1848 with the signing of the "Declaration of Sentiments."


Labor Day weekend, Seneca Falls, NY 2008.
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Picking up where Abigail Adams (spouse to John Adams) left off in 1776, 5 women protested the gender biased language of the Declaration of Independence by delivering their revisions. The new Declaration stated, “ We hold these truths to be self evident…that all men AND WOMEN are created equal.” It was those women and their 100+ supporters who fought for women's property rights, women's right to keep their own wages, the right to be free of spousal abuse (then called spousal discipline!), and the right to more easily divorce abusive spouses. They also got the ball rolling for protections against sexual harassment in the workplace and the right to be stewards of our own bodies. But they are MOST famous for starting the long struggle for women’s suffrage--the right for women to VOTE. Carried on by people like Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Stanton, and Alice Paul, that struggle lasted 70 years.

The struggle towards social, economic, and sexual EQUALITY still continues today.