Welcome to this semester's Web Production Workshop!

This site should be a useful tool for you to stay on track with what is coming up next, access helpful documents for assignments, watch class-related videos, try recommended tutorials if you need extra help, and more!

Don't forget to read this box regularly for class announcements about schedule changes, important reminders, relevant events, and neat things to check out.

So What's This Class About?

This class will teach you some current standards for web production. We will discuss current topics in web use and look at current and forthcoming developments in web technology.

You will learn basic coding skills in XHTML, CSS (cascading style sheets), a dash of javascript and a sprinkle of HTML5.

You will become a master of Dreamweaver, including Dreamweaver templates.

You will learn how to prepare photos and video for the web.

We will examine the exponentially growing importance of databases and data visualization for the web, and try our hand at combining the two in Google Fusion, using some local heritage data woven into a Halloween theme!

We will discuss issues you need to be aware of for different delivery platforms, such as cell phones and iPads.

You will learn what accessibility is and how to achieve it.

If you digest all this, we’ll look at Wordpress, the simplest content management system (CMS).

Your experience, gained through class exercises, peer learning, and homework assignments, will culminate in a final web site project. (The project serves as your final exam.)