What's that attendance policy again?

4 absences = final course grade is dropped one full letter grade

5 absences = final course grade is dropped two full letter grades

6 absences = final course grade is dropped three full letter grades

7 absences = Fail

Excessive texting or tardies will be counted as absences.

Week by Week

This schedule is subject to revisions to adjust to pace. Please always pay attention in class for date changes.



Week 1

1/15: Introduction to class, goals. What are you good at? Fill out this *form* before class on Monday & submit! We will look at a job posting almost every class, probably one I receive that day.

Look at tips and approaches from Eva Neuhaus, Intuitive Life Coach for Highly Sensitive People. Work on Mission Statement.

See assignment for Monday.

1/17: Review Mission Statements. (You will do this again and again throughout the semester.) Look at Lisa Sonora Beam Book, The Creative Entrepreneur, try exercises. See author's guiding mandala.


Week 2

1/22: Assignment: Bring in one piece of work that shows your best technical skill(s). If it’s video, be prepared to show a cut 5 minutes or less. Look at 2 job postings.

1/24: Look at 2 job postings.
What makes a good porfolio? Indexhibit.org – look at 10-15 portfolios on this site and come prepared to show/discuss your top 2 on Monday. Portfolios from last year: 
Rianne Trujillo, Veronica Black, Joshua Philips, Becca Glenn

Portfolios of SF Bay Area artists: Hue Yang, Karrie Hovey, Bohdanna Kesala, Noelle Nakama, Shalene Vanenzuela,


Week 3

1/29: Assignment: Bring in one piece of work you like but wish you had finished/perfected- show in class (can be projected or physical object). Also show/discuss Indexibit portfolios.

1/31: Working on resumes- What makes a good resume? Bring one in if you have it. Job postings.
 Nine Trends on the Future of Work (H/T Gene Becker @layar)

Wall Street Journal, April 12, 2012: “Arab Women Blaze Trails in [Tech] Start-Ups

Upcoming Assignment: Draft resume due Monday of week 4


Week 4

2/5: Individual resume meetings (sign up)- work on portfolio pieces

2/7: Individual resume meetings (sign up)- work on portfolio pieces. 
Here’s an article on: What’s Up with Cover Letters

Resumes due this week. If you do not have a resume to review this week, you will have a 0 for one of your class requirements.


Week 5

2/12: Class critique, half of class bring in a piece to show

2/14: Class critique, half of class bring in a piece to show
assignment: list of 6 projects you are considering for your portfolio.

Meet with small groups for discussion


Week 6

2/19: Final resumes due in class (or sent/posted), Writing a cover letter, notes from former media arts students, how to look for job postings

2/21: Starting your website – show examples of different methods.


Week 7

2/26: Monday people show work (one of the pieces from your list of 6)

2/28: Wednesday people take their turn.


Week 8

Midterm week (3/5 & 3/7):



Week 9 = SPRING BREAK 3/12 & 3/14


Week 10

3/19: Class critique, bring in a piece to show.

3/21: Class critique, bring in a piece to show


Week 11

3/26: Discuss web hosting options. (Think beyond graduation when you won't have your NMHU account.) Discuss video hosting options (YouTube/Vimeo).

3/28: Work day for portfolio sites- have made a design/hosting decision.


Week 12

4/2: Personal statements, 1st draft due. Will offer feedback and revise in class.

4/4: First recommendation letter due for your file. Identify a person, company, or organization to do an informational interview with. You may use your cell phones this class! (Interviews may be conducted by phone so you are not limited to Las Vegas.)


Week 13

4/9: Work on portfolio site.

4/11: Work on portfolio site. Personal statements 2nd draft due.


Week 14 & 15

(4/16 & 4/18 + 4/23 & 4/25)

Final work weeks. BFA students work on show/installation design.

4/25: Turn in 1-page summary of your informational interview experience.


Week 16

4/30 & 5/2

Final Portfolio due & presented in class. Look at how they relate to mission statements.

BFA students install final show!


Week 17