Final Grades

Assignments and projects 50%

Attendance, participation, quizzes 20%

Midterm project 15%

Final project 15%





Evaluation will be based on your participation, ability to understand key ideas and concepts, demonstration of skills through the successful completion of all exercises, and over all effort and quality of effort.

You are expected to participate in class discussion and critique. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of points from your final grade. NOT SHOWING UP FOR A CRITIQUE WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC "F" FOR THAT PROJECT.

Final grade is the sum of the following averages:

Assignments and projects 50%
Attendance, participation, quizzes 20%
Midterm project 15%
Final project 15%


Evaluation of Projects

All projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Completion of assignment: All assignments will be given to you in writing and will include instructions for completion, dimension requirements, mounting and presentation requirements.

2. Craft: Craft is essential to the completion of your assignments. Good craft consists of correct mounting on foam core, no glue or other marks on your work, clean-cut edges on work and foam core and care in execution of project. Craft is an integral part of your grade so be neat!

3. Participation in critique: In each assignment you will be expected to give and receive critique. We will have an exercise during the first class that will acquaint you to the critique process and you will be expected to follow this model during in-class critiques of projects.

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Any student caught plagiarizing any work, including written papers, is subject to receive a Failing grade.

I will assign a point total for each assignment. At the end of the semester, your points will be added up and your grade determined by the following grading scale:

A: 90–100% -Absolutely no doubt of superior performance, effort, teamwork and Accomplishment- clear evidence of talent, imagination and commitment

B: 80–89% - Good work with consistent effort and participation.

C: 70–79% - Completion of assignment with average quality and participation.

D: 60–69%- Poor work and/or effort.

F: 0–59% - Late or very poor quality work or missing the critique


Attendance Policy

Class attendance and participation is required. Unexcused absences will result in a lower grade. Attendance and participation in discussion, critiques, and other class activities count for 25% of your final grade.

As per department policy: Media Arts courses meet three days a week, cumulating into 46 class periods. Missing 4 classes (or ~10% of a semester’s class periods) is not desirable, but acceptable if you are contagious, etc. Please do not get us all sick. Missing more classes, however—for whatever reason—will be reflected in a student’s final grade as follows:

4 absences = final course grade is dropped one full letter grade;
5 absences = final course grade is dropped two full letter grades;
6 absences = final course grade is dropped three full letter grades;
7 absences = Fail the course!

Tardies: Leaving class early or arriving late will count as a tardy. This applies to not being on task, not having things to work on, or taking inordinately long breaks.

3 tardies will = 1 absence.


Assignments are due at the start of class, unless an in-class work day is given.

Assignments that require craft as part of the project will be expected to have proper mounting done, etc. before handing in.

You are responsible for backing up all of your work.

This class will be allowed to revise any assignment for a higher grade. However, the original assignment must be turned in along with the revised one for review.


Academic Dishonesty

The integrity of the educational experience is diminished by cheating in class, plagiarizing, lying, or employing other modes of deceit.

Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated. If you have any questions about academic dishonesty ask me, or in regards to a presentation or paper you may also check with the writing center.