What's that attendance policy again?

4 absences = final course grade is dropped one full letter grade

5 absences = final course grade is dropped two full letter grades

6 absences = final course grade is dropped three full letter grades

7 absences = Fail

Excessive texting or tardies will be counted as absences.

Week by Week

This schedule is subject to revisions to adjust to pace. Please always pay attention in class for date changes.

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Week 1

1/15 – Syllabus review and discuss assignment #1, mock critique.

Assignment: Bring in an object for mock critique. Read pgs 22-23 in Design Basics, "Constructive Criticism".

1/17 – In class critique of objects + Discussion of Reading. Lecture: What is Design? access pdf
Vocabulary review

Assignment: Read Chapter 2 on Unity. access pdf

Artists to look at: Andy Goldsworthy; Felice Frankel; Dale Chihuly; Frank Ghery - Then What?; Christo and Jean Claude


Week 2

1/22 – Mounting Demo - cutting and preparing foam core. See doc on foam core mounting requirements.

+ Lecture on Unity

Assignment: Project 1 Unity

1/24 – Class time for Project 1


Week 3

1/29Critique Day, Project #1 Due

Assignment: Read Chapter 5 Balance


1/31Vocabulary quiz 1, Lecture on Balance

Assignment: Project 2 Balance


Week 4

2/5 - class time for project 2

2/7 - Critique Day, Project #2 Due

Assignment: Read Chapter 3 Emphasis and Focal Point


Week 5

2/12Lecture on Emphasis and Focal Point [lecture pdf]

Assignment: Project 3 Juxtaposition, Emphasis and Focal Point

2/14 - class time for project 3 -- Photoshop demo


Week 6

2/19 - Project 3 due critique day

Assignment: Read Chapter 6 Rhythm and Repetition

2/21 - Lecture on Rhythm and Repetition [lecture pdf]

Introduce midterm assignment; examples of artist statements

HANG artists' statements (HANG is a gallery of emerging local artists in San Francisco. Yours truly worked there about 14 years ago, and part of my job was writing all the artist statements for the artists!)

Week 7

2/26Proposal Draft 1 due

Class time for review of proposal

2/28 – Class time for midterm. Bring materials to class


Week 8

3/5 – Project critique or class time for mid term (--depending on your proposals--will we have to hike near or far to your 3D projects?)

3/7MID TERM Critique

Assignment: Read Chapter 4 Scale and Proportion


Week 9

3/12 – Spring Break – Be Safe!

3/14 – Spring Break – Be Safe!


Week 10

3/19Lecture on Scale & Proportion [lecture pdf]

Introduce Project 4 -- Scale and Proportion. Software demo: How to search for images, sizing, saving work as jpegs, creating a work in Photoshop for projection.

3/21 – Class time for project 4


Week 11

3/26Project 4 Due-- Critique Day!

Assignment read chapter 10 Illusion of Space

3/28Lecture Ilusion of Space. [lecture pdf]
Introduce Project 5--Perspective


Week 12

4/2 – Class time for project 5

4/4Project 5 Due --Critique Day!

Assignment read chapter 12 and 13 Value and color


Week 13

4/9Lecture on Value and Color Lecture pdf

Introduce project 6 -- Propaganda Poster Project . See also: Propaganda terms.

4/11 - Class time for project 6, Propaganda Poster

See recent North Korea propagando video: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50143856n

Week 14

4/16 –Printing Procedures -- Meet with Eli

4/18Project 6 Due, Mounted on Foam Core ----Critique Day!


Week 15

4/23 - Lecture on Mapping. Lecture PDF
Introduce Final Project- Mapping Self

Assignment: Bring in 3 examples of your mapping project (ideas, sketches, mock ups)

EXAMPLES: Noriko Ambe; 9/11 map; memory landscape drawings; Mapping; Theban Mapping Project

MORE EXAMPLES: NPR Story; Twitter Wheel; Making a map; Relationship Maps; Mindmap; Aesthetic Map

4/25 - Class time for final projects


Week 16

4/30 - Mid-Point Critique: bring in piece to get feedback in order to implement change.

5/2 Work Day -- get feedback to implement change.


Week 17

FINALS WEEK – Tuesday, May 7, 7:30 am - 10:30 am. (We can vote: start at 7:30 or start later and have shorter critique?)