No one wants to start their adventure thinking about the end, but here are a few tips for that segment of your trip.

  • Stay in Alajuela, rather than in San Jose is you are flying out of San Jose International Airport. You will be much closer, and Alajuela is a much smaller town to navigate.
  • Have a detailed map of San Jose if you need to navigate around it to get to Alajuela. As with Cartago, street signs are scarce, highway signs confusing.
  • Be prepared to pay an exit tax at the airport. As of May, 2007, it was $26USD.
  • Leave time to visit WORLD OF SNAKES in nearby Grecia before you go! All those Fer-de-Lance you managed to avoid in the jungle you can now look eye-to-eye with through the safety of glass!
(Photo from World of Snakes site)