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Get InterACTIVE! Sticker Downloads for YOU


Stickers are a simple way of expressing yourself in space. They make for good guerrila protest, too, because you can stick 'em and dart! T-shirts are also a way to get messages across.

On this page are stickers and t-shirt designs that you can download and use yourself. Stickers can be printed on 2" x 4" mailing labels. T-shirt graphics can be printed on iron on transfer paper, which you can find in most office supply stores near the label sheets. T-shirt designs are, of course, backward because the image will reverse when you iron them on to fabric. I recommend washing iron-on transfers in cool water, tumble dry low or line dry.

Guerilla Action Kits for Airports and Other PlacesI hate airport news shops. Rows and rows of "men's" magazines feature half-naked or fully-naked, objectified, photoshopped, surgically "enhanced" women, and suggest that an essential part of "manhood" is treating women like blow-up dolls/ sexual servants. Then "women's" magazines, instead of equally exploiting men to serve women, feature---MORE doll-women!!! I suppose the point is to make sure that scores of women stay brainwashed into playing their "proper" role of being eye candy/blow-up dolls for men. Hmm... Some people defend this inequity and shallowness as "freedom of expression." I say it is the REVERSE; it is the CORPORATE CONTROL of expression, it LIMITS real freedom, and it needs to be challenged at every turn with MORE EXPRESSION. The series to the right was created in response to this frustrating social condition, and how in airports especially, you are trapped with no alternative to corporate crap.

<WOMEN ARE NOT PORKCHOPS--stickers>Fight objectification and the surgical mutlilation of women's bodies.

<WHERE ARE THE BOY BABES--stickers>Call attention to the double standard with tiny classic pinups of Shawn Cassidy and Rob Lowe from decades past.

<GOT MILK?--stickers>Let's remember what boobs are for. This sticker features a saucer-eyed, alien looking baby suckling.

<HEAR ME ROAR--stickers>These stickers feature a roaring pink tiger and claw marks of aggression. Stand up for yourself!

Suffragist Stickers and T-shirts I am very inspired by the suffragists. The movement took different turns over its 70 years, and embraced radical, moderate and conservative approaches that often pitted groups against one another. Most of the leaders we celebrate today, though, and some we have forgotten, make some contemporary women look pretty complacent, wimpy, and even retro. The lead suffragists were courageous, brazen, creative, and wickedly smart. How many young people today realize that women in this country were imprisoned and TORTURED trying to get us the right to VOTE?

SUSAN B. ANTHONY <stickers> <t-shirt > Stop being so damn sugar-and-spice "nice" in your quest for social equity. Not even Victorians were so Victorian.

<SUFFRAGISTS GROUP PHOTO--t-shirt> I wouldn't mess with these ladies.


Challenge the Free Market Feeding Frenzy Is there anything that HASN'T been reduced to a commodity anymore? Women, sex, internal organs, children, trees, water...

R U 4 5ALE 2 --stickers

Fight for Your Rights Hapeas Corpus has been one of the cornerstones of democratic societies, including America's, since the days of the Magna Carta----until GW Bush.

GOT HABEAS CORPUS--t-shirt <front> <back>

IMAGINE... This word, made famous by John Lennon and Yoko One, has perhaps never been such an ugent imperative.

<IMAGINE--Calisto Font--stickers>

IMAGINE--Zaphino Font <stickers> <t-shirt>

<IMAGINE--i/magi/ne--stickers> I am a wise one born, I birth magic, etc.

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